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House Hunt - Click through photos of mansions hot-or-not style slideshow. Save your favorite houses.

Downloadify.js - Quickly implement platform-specific download links on your website

Sapi - Chrome extension that finds time to read online articles based on personalized reading test.


homeless high website

Homeless High Foundation // Case Study


How to create a JavaScript library

Everyone uses JavaScript libraries; jQuery is the most notable example. Libraries are components built in JavaScript packaged and served in an intuitive...

JavaScript - Guide to Classes in ES6

In OOP languages such as C++, classes are the norm for encapsulating a service within a program. In Javascript, classes have to be declared as an object prototype...

New Freelancers, Be in control of your work

Starting out as a freelance developer is a difficult undertaking. You no longer have a boss, but you don’t have a salary, nor a steady client base— what you earn depends on your effort and the choices you...

UI Case Study - Homeless High Foundation

I designed and deployed a landing page for a nonprofit that operates in my hometown called the Homeless High Foundation, which hence will be referred to as HH. They provide homeless high school students with...

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